Our Team

Trecia Kilback Campaign Founder

“In my life, I have found two things of priceless worth – learning and loving. Nothing else – not fame, not power, not achievement for its own sake – can possibly have the same lasting value. For when your life is over, if you can say ‘I have learned’ and ‘I have loved’ you will also be able to say ‘I have been happy.’ “ –  Arthur C. Clarke, Rama II

Why did you join Re(Construct)?

I was inspired to create this campaign while I was an intern for a Construction Management company. During that project, I got to see firsthand how much waste is produced on a construction site and how that waste gets processed. Our project successfully diverted 94% waste from landfills, amounting to over 75 tonnes of solid waste. Through some research, I was surprised to find out that the City of Calgary recycles 20-30% of solid waste and I started this campaign with the hope that the City can review their bylaws and implement sustainable policies that would make it mandatory for all projects to divert 80% by 2025. If we were able to achieve this benchmark, this would be an enormous win for our city, its residents and the environment.

What are your goals individually and for the Re(Construct) team?

Overall, I hope the City will agree to pass bylaw recommendations which will require all C&D projects to divert at least 80% of solid materials from landfills. As for our team, I hope that we create genuine connections amongst ourselves as we work towards creating this positive change for our city and that this campaign will spark inspiration for everyone on my team to  continue to make valuable impact in their future careers.