Our Team

Ondia Saffarpour Evolving Engineering Vice President

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Why did you join Re(Construct)?

Reducing our environmental impact by finding new ways to reuse and recycle materials is one of today’s most important movements, especially in the construction industry. Not only does recycling construction waste minimize the negative effect we have on the environmental but also it boosts a company’s public image and helps them save on costs over the long run. Many of North America’s leading cities have implemented feasible construction waste management and recycling plans which have shown great success and promise for the future. Unfortunately, Calgary is still far behind but with the execution of some simple measures it can quickly catch up and meet today’s sustainability demands and I want to be part of the action that helps this city get there. 

What are your goals individually and for the Re(Construct) team?

As the event planner for the Research and Innovation Showcase, I want to bring new and creative ideas for event hosting while maintaining sustainable practices and promoting an environmentally friendly culture throughout the event. I hope to effectively communicate our venture’s message and to inspire those attending to take action and contribute to the movement. With the help of the Sustainable Development Lead, I plan to give special attention to the small details of the event so as to make it enjoyable and memorable in a way that brings our sponsors and supporters together to give this cause the awareness it deserves.